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No new posts  Announcement:  Feedback Points - Leave Feedback & Report Frauds 1, 2, 352ELTP1494avatarView latest post on 11.01.18 7:00
by Promised.
No new posts  Announcement:  Trading Rules 0ELTP375avatarView latest post on 25.11.16 20:16
No new posts  Announcement:  Guide to Trading 0ELTP350avatarView latest post on 25.11.16 20:05
No new posts  Sticky:  From Japan - A Very Affordable Proxy Service for Buying Cards 0ELTP466avatarView latest post on 08.02.17 16:15
No new posts  Sticky:  Card Values, Grading & Identifying Fakes 0ELTP557avatarView latest post on 02.02.17 8:03
No new posts  Sticky:  Trading Questions - Q&A 0ELTP273avatarView latest post on 25.11.16 20:27
No new posts   Selling/Buying kubu's Thread 3kubu487avatarView latest post on 20.01.18 20:22
by kubu
No new posts   For Sale - Singapore 2NaniMan304avatarView latest post on 20.01.18 9:34
by NaniMan
No new posts   Buying some cards :D 1TrixVinctus34avatarView latest post on 19.01.18 20:13
by kubu
No new posts   Rare cards? I have an old collection and I wonder if someone could help me value my deck. 5Nepsey86avatarView latest post on 19.01.18 14:32
No new posts   Bolmeteus + 2 super rares for sale URGENT! 0boticelli76avatarView latest post on 13.01.18 18:48
by boticelli
No new posts   Wow What a Steal !  8Promised.550avatarView latest post on 11.01.18 0:44
by Eldritch
No new posts   Looking to sell some old DM cards Have: Promo Holy Awe, Terror Pit, Melnia, Core-Crash Lizard +more! 3JJROCKETS298avatarView latest post on 09.01.18 0:58
by Eldritch
No new posts   1x Bronze-Arm Tribe Atari holofoil 2Zach Hartigan71avatarView latest post on 07.01.18 21:51
by Zach Hartigan
No new posts   Selling or trading some cards 0boticelli68avatarView latest post on 05.01.18 10:44
by boticelli
No new posts   Selling cards 1Maksio9167avatarView latest post on 04.01.18 20:17
by boticelli
No new posts   OcaVan's Trade Thread 8OcaVan620View latest post on 28.12.17 16:38
by tazio95
No new posts   OCG Cards Want List  3Coriler136avatarView latest post on 24.12.17 18:25
by Coriler
No new posts   Loui's Trading Thread 10loui-mh668avatarView latest post on 20.12.17 11:28
by loui-mh
No new posts   Touch My Trade Thread 10Coriler1104avatarView latest post on 08.12.17 12:54
by Coriler
No new posts   Buying Fear Fang and other commons etc. 17äksä344avatarView latest post on 23.11.17 22:33
by Coriler
No new posts   4x Corile Promo 0Zach Hartigan104avatarView latest post on 15.11.17 15:46
by Zach Hartigan
No new posts   Neve, the Leveler 17Zach Hartigan353avatarView latest post on 09.11.17 13:12
by Zach Hartigan
No new posts   omswizard's buying/trading thread 0omswizard110avatarView latest post on 08.10.17 11:28
by omswizard
No new posts   Suggested Card Values 14ELTP3920avatarView latest post on 06.10.17 5:13
by Bronze-Arm Sloth
No new posts   Twister Fish 3x 0Zach Hartigan91avatarView latest post on 04.10.17 18:06
by Zach Hartigan
No new posts   Waterford201 Selling Thread OLD CARDS 1Waterford201212View latest post on 01.10.17 11:41
by Waterford201
No new posts   ELTP's Trading Thread 14ELTP837avatarView latest post on 21.09.17 11:46
No new posts   Zhouker's trading/selling thread (Plague, Bluum etc) 8zhouker666avatarView latest post on 02.09.17 16:08
by Zach Hartigan
No new posts   Selling cards 1Maksio9196avatarView latest post on 26.08.17 10:29
by LordSommerhill
No new posts   Zach Hartigan Trade co. 6Zach Hartigan488avatarView latest post on 26.08.17 9:02
by loui-mh
No new posts   Bronze-Arm Sloth's Trading Thread 6Bronze-Arm Sloth385avatarView latest post on 01.08.17 6:03
by Bronze-Arm Sloth
No new posts   Does anybody sell me 2x emeral promo for 120€? 5Ande94220avatarView latest post on 31.07.17 15:37
by Ande94
No new posts   TRADING/SELLING MY SOULSWAPS & PROMO TERROR PITS 0willybumm96162View latest post on 26.07.17 6:15
by willybumm96
No new posts   Haiken's Trading Thread 13Haiken1320avatarView latest post on 22.07.17 14:30
by Haiken
No new posts   Places to buy OCG  6DarkPuppeteer183avatarView latest post on 14.07.17 16:35
No new posts   Maksio9's selling thread 3Maksio9498avatarView latest post on 08.07.17 17:31
by Zach Hartigan
No new posts   Darksigners Trading Thread 3Darksigner300avatarView latest post on 07.07.17 13:54
by Promised.
No new posts   Silver's selling thread 0Silvery139View latest post on 03.07.17 19:26
by Silvery
No new posts   xephons Verkaufsstand 2xephon336avatarView latest post on 11.05.17 10:22
by xephon
No new posts   Trading or selling  0chiazx1308View latest post on 08.05.17 11:16
by chiazx1
No new posts   Patrikku's selling thread 0Patrikku270View latest post on 19.04.17 23:13
by Patrikku
No new posts   selling bolmeteus steel dragon DM-06 JP 0lagu229View latest post on 06.04.17 6:21
by lagu
No new posts   Soulswap for sell!!! 0Maksio9275View latest post on 26.03.17 23:05
by Maksio9
No new posts   Promos, Rainbows & More for Sale & Trade 0awesomezxc298avatarView latest post on 26.03.17 13:20
by awesomezxc
No new posts   I'm looking for duel master promo cards and some cards from Shadowclash Collector Tin 3loshorta403View latest post on 20.03.17 15:47
by loshorta
No new posts   Looking for.... have $$$$$ 0SAREPTA246View latest post on 20.03.17 1:02
No new posts   Selling multicolored cards 3Maksio9318avatarView latest post on 19.03.17 15:24
by OcaVan
No new posts   Where to buy older OCG cards? 4Paracera257avatarView latest post on 11.03.17 17:12
by Mr-ex777
No new posts   Looking for a few cards 4jack viper317avatarView latest post on 06.03.17 12:31
No new posts   Striker EX's Trading Thread (Most DM 10-12 Foils + Some Promos)  1striker EX492View latest post on 28.02.17 7:52
by striker EX
No new posts   LF > promo emeral and promo arc bine 4tannyboy2414avatarView latest post on 26.02.17 15:38
by Zach Hartigan
No new posts   Where to Find Duel Masters Cards 7ELTP710avatarView latest post on 26.02.17 12:43
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