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Selling/Buying kubu's Thread


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Selling/Buying kubu's Thread

Post by kubu on 21.03.17 16:49

-I live in Poland
-All DM Reborn trading rules apply

Main Wants:

S9 - Bluum Erkis, Flare Guardian
9 - Bombazar, Dragon of Destiny

And here are cards i have to sell/trade (pm me to get real photos, i sux in grading condition of cards):


2x Soderlight, the Cold Blade
2x Agira, the Warlord Crawler
1x Taggtap, the Retaliator
1x Gonta, the Warrior Savage
1x Nemonex, Bajula's Robomantis
2x Aqua Skydiver
1x Galek, the Shadow Warrior
1x Tajimal, Vizier of Aqua
1x Estol, Vizier of Aqua
1x Phantamoch, the Gigatrooper
1x Ulex, the Dauntless
1x Rise and Shine
2x Buzz Bettochi
1x Gigappi Ponto
3x Electro Explorer Syrion
3x Sea Mutant Dormell
2x Spectral Horn Glitalis



Headlong Giant
2x Niofa, Horned Protector
Supporting Tulip
Carnival Totem (damaged)
Carnival Totem
Xeno Mantis
Spinning Totem
Obsidian Scarab
Torcon Promo
Roaring Great-Horn
Tower Shell


Deathliger, Lion of Chaos
Trox, General of Destruction
Dark Titan Maginn
Zaagan, Knight of Darkness (damaged)
Crath Lade, Merciless King
3x Vamphire Silphy
Azaghast, Tyrant of Shadows
Giriel, Ghastly Warrior
Gigakail PROMO


2x Amnis, Holy Elemental
La Byle, Seeker of the Winds
Hanusa, Radiance Elemental
Miar, Comet Elemental
2x Rayla, Truth Enforcer
Sonic Wing ATARI
Sieg Balicula, th Intense
4x Ethel, Star Sea Elemental
2x Gran Gure, Space Guardian


3x Astral Warper
King Ripped-Hide
King Ripped-Hide (damaged)
Plasma Chaser
2x Aeropica
Marching Motherboard
Chaos Fish
Aqua Master
Aqua Ranger


3x Rothus, the Traveler Holo
Rothus, the Traveler ATARI
2x Punch, Trooper Bronks
Astrocomet Dragon
2x Magmadragon Ogrist Vhal
Doboulgyser, Giant Rock Beast
Doboulgyser, Giant Rock Beast (damaged)
Uberdragon Jabaha
Gatling Skyterror
Bladerush Skyterror Q
Bolzard Dragon
Explosive Fighter Ucarn Promo JDC
Explosive Fighter Ucarn Kellog's Promo
Garkago Dragon

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