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Promos, Rainbows & More for Sale & Trade


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Promos, Rainbows & More for Sale & Trade

Post by awesomezxc on 26.03.17 13:20

Hey everyone, I'm selling a few cards that you can find in the list below. You may know me from Pojo, DM Finland and eBay Smile

I'm open to trades with promos that I do not have. If we are trading, you'll have to ship out first. I ship worldwide and accept Paypal. Thank you!

List of Cards for Sale/Trade: https://goo.gl/u5EcE7

Want List:

B1-7-Y1 La Ura Giga, Sky Guardian
B2-7-Y1 Larba Geer, the Immaculate
B3-7-Y1 Phantom Fish
B4-7-Y1 Aqua Knight
B5-7-Y1 Horrid Worm
B6-7-Y1 Galsaur
B7-7-Y1 Fortress Shell
E1-Y1 Explosive Fighter Ucarn (#E1-Y1)
L17-20-Y1 Skullsweeper Q
L7-Y2 Apocalypse Vise
L13-Y2 Scream Slicer, Shadow of Fear
M4-Y1 Star-Cry Dragon
P2-Y0 Draglide
P3-Y0 Szubs Kin, Twilight Guardian
P4-Y0 Stampeding Longhorn (#P4-Y0)
P5-Y0 Tropico
P6-Y0 Mighty Shouter (#P6-Y0)
P1-Y1 Arc Bine, the Astounding
T5-Y1 Aqua Hulcus (#T5-Y1)
23a/55 Amber Piercer
85a/110 Pyrofighter Magnus
66a/110 Schuka, Duke of Amnesia
75a/110 Smash Warrior Stagrandu

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