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Strongest deck? (TCG)



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Strongest deck? (TCG)

Post by tannyboy2 on 01.04.17 16:10

Hi all, i would like to know which deck type you guys feel is the strongest in the TCG meta (bombazar aside). I duel in Singapore and there are many RUB, GRUB, marino control, hydrooze, fire-water rush and fire-nature rush decks here. Some of the less common decks that i have seen include FNDL control survivors, monowater beatdown, bolzard mana burn and BU upheaval control. I have always felt that RUB decks were the strongest but ever since fire-water rush decks started popping up, it seems like RUB has had a lot of trouble dealing with them. RUB also feels incredibly slow to me so im starting to think its a tier 2 deck. what are your thoughts on the current meta?

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Re: Strongest deck? (TCG)

Post by ELTP on 02.04.17 11:50

TCG meta is a very interesting one since it have had this long to evolve (10+ years) and still it's offering new things.

I haven't put so much effort on Duel Masters decks lately in general so I mainly know what's happening on TCO. Decks you mentioned have also been apparent there as well as in Finnish DM meta.

Bolme RUBs seems to be weak against rushes/aggros since many players build them too slow thinking that control decks couldn't work against rushes. They can but you have to optimize and not just focus on slow control.

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