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Naniman's Selling Thread :D


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Naniman's Selling Thread :D

Post by NaniMan on 13.07.17 16:36

Rules and information:
-All rules on DM Reborn applies.
-I live in Singapore, so if you want to trade, you have to be willing to mail here. I'll mail anywhere.
-Prices of cards for sale will be as followed from - http://www.duelmasters.org/t18-suggested-card-values#18. However, some cards will not be following the list.
-I have too many cards to grade them all, but I'll tell you the condition of the cards you are interested in.
-Cards listed for sale are authentic and in English unless otherwise stated.


E2/Y2 Sasha, Channeler of Suns x2
L1/6 Y1 Armored Groblav x4
L2/6 Y1 Barkwhip, the Smasher x6
L3/6 Y1 Amnis, Holy Elemental x2
L13/20 Y1 Ballus, Dogfight Enforcer Q x5
L14/20 Y1 Olgate, Nightmare Samurai x7
L15/20 Y1 Nocturnal Giant x6
L16/20 Y1 Gigakail x6
L17/20 Y1 Skullsweeper Q x4
L20/20 Y1 Bolgash Dragon x4
L1 Y2 Rumblesaur Q x6
L2 Y2 Q-tronic Omnistrain x3
L3 Y2 Charmilia, the Enticer x6
L5 Y2 Phantasmal Horror Gigazabal x6
L8 Y2 Valkrowzer, Ultra Rock Beast x16
L11/Y2 Vikorakys x6
L12/Y2 Magmadragon Melgars x13
L14/Y2 Velyrika Dragon x6
L15/Y2 Furious Onslaught x6
L16/Y2 Kyrstron, Lair Delver x9
L18/Y2 Terradragon Anrist Vhal x2

FOILS --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Mixed - Civ
Tanzanyte, the Awakener (Japanese DM-10) x4
Deklowaz, the Terminator (Japanese DM-10) x6
Miraculous Meltdown x3
Miraculous Snare x3
Miraculous Truce x3
Aura Pegasus, Avatar of Life (Japanese DMC-44)
Soul Phoenix, Avatar of Unity (Japanese DM-12) x2

Ultracide Worm x2
Sinister General Damudo x2
Jack Viper, Shadow of Doom x3
Trox, General of Destruction x5
Ballom, Master of Death (creased)
Death Cruzer, the Annihilator
Stallob, the Lifequasher
Super Necrodragon Abzo Dolba x4
Necrodragon Jagraveen x2 (Japanese DMC-44)

Urth, Purifying Elemental x2
Gran Gure, Space Guardian x2 (creased)
Ethel, Starsea Elemental x3
Sieg Balicula, the Intense x6
Glena Vuele, the Hypnotic
Alcadieas, Lord of Spirits x6
Kuukai, Finder of Karma x1
La Byle, Seeker of Winds x2
Nastasha, Channeler of Suns
Kilstine, Nebula Elemental

Bolshack Dragon
Überdragon Jabaha
Galklife dragon
Invincible Cataclysm
Magmadragon Jagalzor
Balesk Baj, the Timeburner
Heavyweight Dragon

Fighter Dual Fang x3
Gigamantis x2
Avalanche Giant

Aqua Sniper x2
King Ripped-Hide x2
Crystal Paladin x7
Chaos Fish
Legendary Bynor
King Tsunami (badly creased)
Crystal Jouster x2
Q-Tronic Hypermind
Extreme Crawler

Non Foils -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Have too many to list, will be listing what isn't available instead. Just PM me and ask me if you're looking for any other cards =)

Cranium Clamp
Ikaz, the Spydroid
Ularus, Punishment Elemental
Lukia Lex, Pinnacle Guardian
Dolmarks, the Shadow Warrior

Looking for ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Core-Crash Lizard
Punch Trooper Bronks
Gaulezal Dragon

Necrodragon Jagraveen
Gajirabute, Vile Centurion

Warlord Ailzonius

Bodacious Giant
Terradragon Dakma Balgarow

Mixed - Civ
Super Dragon Machine Dolzark
Hydrooze, the Mutant Emperor
Soul Phoenix, Avatar of Unity
Miraculous Plague
Miraculous Rebirth
Aura Pegasus, Avatar of Life
Wise Starnoid, Avatar of Hope

Bronze Arm Tribe (Atari)
Holy Awe (Kellogg's / Tournament)
Aqua Hulcus (McDonald's / Tournament)
Twin-Cannon Skyterror
Melnia, the Aqua Shadow
Bazagazeal Dragon

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