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Welcoming Thread - Introduce Yourself


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Re: Welcoming Thread - Introduce Yourself

Post by Coriler on 07.10.17 14:07

i am the one OcaVan dueled against witht he ooe deck, however the end game boards where like with typical controls, bolly/bluum and deklowas/exorious. I am perfecting OOE rules now and can say that bolmeteus and lost soul should be banned, because of fewer answers/lack of draw to recover from.

i have dueled often in OOE mirror matches and most of the time a crystal memory/forbos or something will search lost soul and thats it...

also bolly steals excitement and its ability to ignore game mechanics that balance the game state out is especially unfair in that format.

if anyone wants to duel, i am always up for a OOE game on octgn.

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