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(TCG) WLD Warlord Ailzonius



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(TCG) WLD Warlord Ailzonius

Post by Promised. on 03.08.17 4:05

Water (10)
Energy stream x4
Marinomancer x3
Corile x2
Aqua surfer x1

Light (16)
Belix the explorer x3
Belmol x3
Warlord Ailzonius x3
Mist rias x2
Phal eega x2
Holy awe x3

Darkness (12)
Cranium clamp x2
Morbid medicine x1
Corpse charger x1
Locomotiver x3
Terror pit x3
Lost soul x2

Multi coloured (4)
Miraculous snare x1
Tajimal x1
Miraculous plague x2

Total 42 cards

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Bronze-Arm Sloth
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Master of Evolution

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Re: (TCG) WLD Warlord Ailzonius

Post by Bronze-Arm Sloth on 03.08.17 5:24

Far too many single cards and 6 baits for 3 ailz is pretty weak.
Also you try to do too much in this deck, less is more!

Would do it like this:

Water: 14-15
4 surfer
3 corile
3-4 emeral
4 stream

Light: 17
3 Ailzonius
2 belix (i know that charger recycle, but why? 1 slash might never give you advantage than maybe 1 mana, would only do max 3 belix/3 eureka/2corpse, as far as you don't run a charger deck)
4 belmol
4 bingole (awesome against discard)
4 awe

Darkness: 14
4 loco
4 cloned nightmare
4 pits
2 corpse charger

Multi: 6-7
2 plague
2 snare
2-3 tajimal

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