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(TCG) Fire/Water rush



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(TCG) Fire/Water rush

Post by Promised. on 03.08.17 4:09

Fire (19)
Deadly fighter briad claw x4
Comet missile x3
Volcanic arrows x1
Kooc pollon x2
Snip striker x2
Rikabu screwdrvier x3
Pyrofighter magnus x4

Water (21)
Aqua guard x4
Spiral gate x4
Emeral x1
Crystal spinslicer x2
Aqua hulcus x4
Crystal paladin x2
Lucky ball x4

Total 40 cards
Bronze-Arm Sloth
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Master of Evolution

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Re: (TCG) Fire/Water rush

Post by Bronze-Arm Sloth on 03.08.17 5:12

-2  snip striker (there are many better cards)
-2 lucky ball (on turn 4 you might better prepare for the final hit and not draw, so blocker removal like paladin or so is better played, i use lucky ball as well, but only a low count, to have a little hand backup)
-1 Pyrofighter (4 normally is great, but imo they clogg the hand)

+2 emeral (good for early rush, probably the best turn 2 creature for a blue/red rush deck, setting a spiral gate or so, but keep comet missile in hand, you might need it earlier then triggered!)
+3 Rikabu the dismantler or maybe 3 aqua trickster/aqua vehicles

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