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TCG Mono Water Rush



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TCG Mono Water Rush

Post by Promised. on 03.08.17 7:08

Water (37)
Aqua Guard x4
Crystal Spinslicer x4
Spiral gate x4
Emeral x4
Aqua Hulcus x4
Energy Stream x4
Aqua Jolter x2
Lucky Ball x4
Aqua Surfer x4
Crystal Paladin x1
Crystal Lancer x2

Light (2)
Holy Awe x2

Nature (1)
Terradragon Arque Delecerna x1

Total 40 cards
Bronze-Arm Sloth
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Master of Evolution

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Re: TCG Mono Water Rush

Post by Bronze-Arm Sloth on 03.08.17 15:18

Its not mono with splash, as wel not rush, more kind of water aggro, needs improvement

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