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TCG Water/Dark



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TCG Water/Dark

Post by Promised. on 03.08.17 7:42

Water (28)
Aqua Guard x2
Emeral x4
Emergency Typhoon x1
Aqua Hulcus x4
Energy Stream x4
Crystal Paladin x2
Corile x3
Illusionary Merfolk x3
Aqua Surfer x 3
Crystal Lancer x2

Darkness (16)
Cloned Nightmare x4
Corpse Charger x1
Cranium Clamp x1
Locomotiver x3
Death Smoke x1
Terror Pit x3
Upheaval x2
Lost Soul x1

Multi Civi (2)
Miraculous Plague x2

Nature (1)
Terradragon Arque Delecerna x1

Light (1)
Holy Awe x1

Total 48 cards
Bronze-Arm Sloth
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Master of Evolution

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Re: TCG Water/Dark

Post by Bronze-Arm Sloth on 03.08.17 15:19

Smoke out, Pit in
-1 Merfolk
-1 Arque, play 4 or none
-1 Typhoon
-1 Awe or play 4

Max out surfer

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