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TCG Hydro Hurricane WLD



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TCG Hydro Hurricane WLD

Post by Promised. on 03.08.17 8:35

Water (12)
Energy stream x4
Shock Hurricane x1
Marinomancer x4
Hydro Hurricane x3

Light (22)
La Ura Giga x3
Belix x1
Pala Olesis x4
Glory Snow x2
Phal Eega x3
Petrova x3
Mist Rias x4
Holy Awe x2

Darkness (14)
Marrow Ozze x3
Locomotiver x3
Cranium Clamp x2
Morbid Medicine x1
Terror Pit x3
Lost Soul x2

Multi civi (2)
Tajimal x1
Miraculous snare x1

Total 50 cards

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Bronze-Arm Sloth
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Master of Evolution

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Re: TCG Hydro Hurricane WLD

Post by Bronze-Arm Sloth on 03.08.17 15:22

Looks exactly like your marino deck, toooo many singles of the best cards.
Hydro works better 2 colored for me, if this works for you, well fine

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Re: TCG Hydro Hurricane WLD

Post by ELTP on 13.08.17 12:34

Marinomancer works well with Energy Stream when used with Phal Eega. I think 4 Hydro Hurricanes is a overkill. 2-3 should be enough.

You should replace Marrow Ooze with Bloody Squito, it would be more useful.

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