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TCG WLN Midrange



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TCG WLN Midrange

Post by Promised. on 03.08.17 8:40

Water (10)
Aqua Hulcus x1
Energy Stream x4
Trash Crawler x2
Corile x2
Aqua Surfer x1

Light (18)
Rain Of Arrows x1
Magris x3
Mist Rias x3
Ularus x1
Aeris x3
Alcadeias x2
Craze Valkyrie x2
Holy Awe x3

Nature (9)
Faerie Life x4
Bronze Arm Tribe x2
Rumbling Terrahorn x1
Ancient Horn x1
Fighter Dual Fang x1

Multi Civi (5)
Tajimal x2
Sanfist x2
Skysword x1

Total 42 cards
Bronze-Arm Sloth
Master of Evolution
Master of Evolution

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Re: TCG WLN Midrange

Post by Bronze-Arm Sloth on 03.08.17 15:17

Same here, you play too many singles and those which are single are some of the best cards.
Surfer, Hulcus, Skysword, Tribe, Dual Fang, Corile.
Instead you play not sood good cards such as Ancient Horn.
Also would never play Alcadeias in such a deck, you try too many strategies at once.

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