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Selling Emeral promo and others



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Selling Emeral promo and others

Post by Promised. on 03.09.17 7:49

Selling emeral promo

I am from Singapore, and can ship to any country. Registered shipping at an affordable 6-8sgd

I also having the following cards for sale/trade
Uberdragon bajula (near mint)
Soulswap (near mint)
Tanzanyte (near mint)
Deklowaz (near mint)
Miraculous truce (mint)
Klujadras (near mint)
Heavyweight dragon (mint)
Soul Pheonix (near mint)

Apocalypse Vise promo (mint)
Slapphappy Soldier Galback promo (mint)
Dyno mantis promo (mint)
Photocide promo (mint)
Snip striker promo (near mint)
Loth Rix promo (mint)

I am looking for
Aqua Hulcus foil promo
Holy Awe foil promo


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