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UB Hydrooze Midrange



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UB Hydrooze Midrange

Post by Altina on 15.02.18 2:34

Darkness (16)
4x Locomotiver
4x Propeller Mutant
2x Clamp
2x Snake Attack
4x Terror Pit

Water (20)
4x Corile
4x Emeral
4x Aqua Surfer
4x Aqua Hulcus
2x Energy Stream
2x Merfolk

Rainbow (4)
4x Hydrooze the Mutant Empreror

Very standard Hydrooze decklist. Only tech this decklist has over the more standard builds is the addition of Snake Attack.

An issue with Hydrooze is the fact that there are no double breakers to help in closing out games. Snake Attack fits well in this deck, giving it the ability to do so and a tool to aggro back from a losing position.

There is slight debate on whether Cranium Clamp has a place in Hydrooze because it doesn't provide a body like Loco. I play in Singapore meta where literally half the decks run Arque. Even then I believe that Clamp is still useful. The worst case scenario is if u knock out an Arque on T4 but you can follow it up with Corile t5 so damage is limited at worst. On the other hand, if u knock out 2 cards that are not an Arque, you have gained significant mileage over your opponent by knocking out what could have been 2 answers. Also, the decrease in hand size will make the Locos you hard summon more deadly.

With a progression of 2 Drop>> Hulcus >> Hydrooze>> Corile/Merfolk, getting a 5k body turn 4 is huge as it can swing over bigger creatures that might pose a problem early game such as opposing Gonta. Following that up with Merfolk or Corile will then generate additional advantage. In Corile's case, it opens up an avenue for hulcus to swing if a blocker gets bounced. Merfolk provides the additional huge body that cannot be killed by searing wave + 3 hand cards is also rather important in this deck, considering how fast you deplete hand size by dropping bodies.

Swinging with Propeller Mutant early game might be beneficial in some situations even if opponent has a creature that trades favourably i.e. Hulcus. With the option of snake attack,it is important to ensure that the opponent has an even number of shields to more easily close off games.

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Re: UB Hydrooze Midrange

Post by ELTP on 15.02.18 13:11

I agree, even if Arque sould be played more here in Finland, it wouldn't really threaten Clamps power. Corile, Hide and Seek could still ake out Arque Delacerna.

Snake Attack is a strong card amd here it is usuaööy played as 1-2 in Hydrooze decks.

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Re: UB Hydrooze Midrange

Post by Halfar on 15.02.18 14:29

I think that clamp isn't the best choice in an Hydrooze deck, because it doesn't give you another Body.
Maybe add 2x Marrow Ooze cheers


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Re: UB Hydrooze Midrange

Post by diffindo on 15.02.18 14:45

@Halfar wrote:I think that clamp isn't the best choice in an Hydrooze deck, because it doesn't give you another Body.
Maybe add 2x Marrow Ooze cheers

This isn’t hydrooze aggro, it’s hydrooze midrange. You won’t want to go all-out aggro against all decks - it depends on the situation and matchup. @altina also explained clamp’s purpose in the deck. For example, clamp can limit your opponent’s resources and makes it more difficult for him to build enough mana to play a sweeper to wipe your board.

Marrow ooze would serve no purpose in this deck.

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Re: UB Hydrooze Midrange

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