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French, German, Italian and Spanish DM-03 and DM-05 card list + their origin.


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French, German, Italian and Spanish DM-03 and DM-05 card list + their origin.

Post by Haiken on 21.03.18 7:12

This thread lists the French, German, Italian and Spanish DM-03 and DM-05 cards and which decks they were included in.

Relevant info:
-The Duel Masters TCG was translated into five languages. (English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.)
-But the non-English languages only had DM-01, DM-02, DM-04, DM-06 and DM-07 fully translated.
-However, it was possible to get several translated DM-03 and DM-05 cards through Theme Decks and Starter Decks.
-The Shadowclash decks were released as standalone decks in the non-English languages, and not through a tin box.
-The cards from the non-English Shadowclash decks do not have Collection Numbers ending with /46.
-The non-English Shadowclash decks had regular versions of Vashuna, Syforce, Mongrel Man and Mist Rias instead of foil versions.

6/55 Ra Vu, Seeker of Lightning (Lethal Luminosity)
26/55 Gamil, Knight of Hatred (Deadly Decay)
31/55 Scratchclaw (Deadly Decay)
32/55 Snake Attack (Disruptive Forces)
38/55 Explosive Dude Joe (Disruptive Forces) (Starter Deck 2)
55/55 Sword Butterfly (Starter Deck 2)

14/55 Syforce, Aurora Elemental (Lethal Luminosity) (Block Rockers)
16/55 Aqua Surfer (Block Rockers)
21/55 Sea Slug (Block Rockers)
30/55 Jewel Spider (Disruptive Forces)
31/55 Scheming Hands (Disruptive Forces)
34/55 Vashuna, Sword Dancer (Deadly Decay)
38/55 Bombat, General of Speed (Disruptive Forces)
43/55 Rikabu, the Dismantler (Disruptive Forces)
51/55 Enchanted Soil (Starter Deck 2)

Thanks to ELTP who provided much of the information here.

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Re: French, German, Italian and Spanish DM-03 and DM-05 card list + their origin.

Post by ELTP on 24.03.18 18:34

I'm glad that I could be helpful!

I actually were missing two of these. They weren't my top priority but after having got pretty much everything else, I should get those two I'm missing (In German at least).

I have started creading decks keeping these non-English cards. It has actually lots of potential and I even managed to come 2nd in a tournament we had today. The plus side is that these cards are all pretty common.

This thread should be helpful for anyone interested in German, Spanish, Italian or French versions of cards.

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