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Duel Masters game Application?



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Duel Masters game Application?

Post by SouthFrozen on 20.04.18 19:23

I would love a phone game app for DM, like Yu-GiHo!'s, and would contribute to it.

With collecting cards, dueling NPCs and friends, and the graphics of the cards...

Share the idea, please :]
Yours, SouthFrozen

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Re: Duel Masters game Application?

Post by ELTP on 21.04.18 16:16

Do you mean a social Duel Masters platform, where you could hook up with your friends to play DM and even create a clan or group for your local community? And possibly involce digital boosters: This should probably still be free or earnable via in-game currency since it would not be an official product.

I heard that at least @NitroX is somewhat involved in a Duel Masters mobile application.

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